Our team sets the bar high. Years of experience as a speaker or trainer in face-to-face communication is not enough; each Imboorling is a born entertainer with an irresistible urge to change the world. And we do so every day again. With a clear philosophy, passion and conviction.

Frederik Imbo

Direct, enthusing, creative, playful, demanding, funny and positive

Frederik Imbo › Speaker & Trainer Frederik Imbo › Speaker & Trainer

Frederik Imbo studied theatre at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent and has acted in lots of television series. He became a Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and completed a two-year course on ‘Transpersonal Coaching and Counselling'. Early on Frederik also explored Marshall Rosenberg's philosophy on 'Nonviolent Communication' at home and abroad. He founded Imboorling and now has over 15 years' experience in stimulating and supporting people. With the aim of improving their communication skills Frederik gives presentations, workshops, training courses and personal coaching sessions to anyone prepared to make their two ears available.

Playing petanque awakens the child in me. We play in teams, which makes it a connective activity. With a set of metal balls, everyone has the same goal: to get as close as possible to that little ball. And doing so requires a good technique, a strategy and accuracy. To me, petanque represents the ultimate playfulness, fun that you experience with others.

Merel De Vleeschouwer

Creative, positive, warm-hearted, energetic, challenging, engaging and sincere

Merel De Vleeschouwer › Speaker & Trainer Merel De Vleeschouwer › Speaker & Trainer

Following a sports and teacher training course, Merel De Vleeschouwer developed into a genuine sales expert at Telenet, where she spent seven years. Merel worked at THoCC (The House of Contact Centers) as a trainer & coach in contact centres. Her dreams were translated into clownery workshops, presentation techniques, the principles of emotional intelligence and NLP. Since 2014, she can proudly call herself a certified coach. Whatever path Merel has chosen to walk, she has always been attracted and absorbed by the interaction between people. Her mission? To inspire others, hold a mirror up to them and help them achieve their very best, every single day.

Wings are an important symbol to me. Not even because I want to fly through the air - although... - but because they stand for individual freedom. You can count on your wings, even if the branch breaks under your feet. You have the courage to falter and confidently pursue your dreams. I want to encourage others to use their wings as well, by confronting, challenging and inspiring them.

Gilles Delvaulx

Humorous, empathetic, honest, competitive, creative, communicative and binding

Gilles Delvaulx › Speaker & Trainer Gilles Delvaulx › Speaker & Trainer

Following a theatre course at the Kleine Academie, in 1996 Gilles Delvaulx embarked upon the hectic life of an actor. After writing and acting in sketches he finally specialised in theatre for young audiences and improvisational theatre. He gives theatre workshops, for example, to ‘La Fédération d’Improvisation Belge’ and to the ‘Belgische Improvisatie Liga’. Gilles also gives courses on communication, conflict management, verbal aggression and public speaking. During his training courses and activities, Gilles’ work as a coach includes the following tools: empathy, assertiveness, Leary's Rose and MBTI.

Athletic shoes are a powerful symbol of freedom to me. You can always leave in them, wherever you are. Why do I like to go running regularly? Because I care a lot about health. I shed not only kilometres, but also a crowded head. Call it mindlessness. My body and mind are one while running.

Marianne Cap

Dynamic, high-spirited, sincere, creative, humorous, calming and cheerful

Marianne Cap › Marianne Cap ›

After completing her studies in Communication Sciences at Ghent University, Marianne Cap joined an internal communication department. She soon swapped this role for youth work, urged on by the desire to enter the field independently. She gives participative training courses to young people related to global themes and education for sustainable development. The common theme throughout these years? Creating and acting in theatre productions. Today at Imboorling, she combines her knowledge of communication, passion for acting and experience in giving training courses using a surprising approach.

Receiving a toolbox was one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received. A box with materials with which I could get to work. Straighten a piece of metal, attach frames and remove nails from a pallet. I loved it. But my toolbox is also a symbol of how life should be lived. When life is unbolted, it is good to have a toolbox at hand to screw them back.

Tanja Verheyen

Analytical, knowledge, speed, driven, attentive, social and critical

Tanja Verheyen › Tanja Verheyen ›

Her passion for communication spurred Tanja on to obtain a degree in applied communication, a master’s in communication sciences, completed by a PhD about demotion. Tanja is currently a researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and holder of the VUB research chair on career twists. In addition to her work at the VUB she gives lectures and teaches and advises organisations and company managers about strategic communication, press and crisis communication and demotion.

I have many different roles: researcher, chair holder, communications expert, mother and wife. These are roles that I devote myself to entirely. This sometimes creates a certain pressure. I often get the question “When is Tanja time?”. That time starts when I put on my slippers. They are very old and don’t look that great. But my feet love them. They represent me-time, ‘anything goes and no one can tell me what to do’. They represent relaxation and being myself completely. Which is something I need from time to time.

Dirk Draelants

Positive, empathetic, integrity, dedicated, curious, analytical and fun

Dirk Draelants › Trainer Dirk Draelants › Trainer

Dirk Draelants originally studied Chemical Engineering (Burgerlijk Ingenieur Scheikunde) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). After obtaining his PhD in the Applied Sciences in 2001, he said farewell to university to join the chemical industry as a process engineer. However, he soon realised that it wasn't so much the chemistry between molecules that captivated him, but the chemistry between people. To explore this in more depth Dirk became a Master Practitioner NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Nonviolent Communication and Boundaries in human relationships. Today, as a personal coach, in addition to providing individual support he also gives Mastermind sessions to people in groups to aid them in their process of awareness and in achieving a free, happy and loving life.

Lucy is my stuffed toy giraffe and my best friend. I take her on all my trips. Our first encounter? At the Sinksenfoor in 2012. She looked up at me cheerfully from a claw machine. Lucy has real giraffe ears that listen empathetically to my dreams and doubts, worries and musings. She constantly reminds me that the power of empathy creates a special interconnection between people around the world. Lucy is charming and disarming. And a great icebreaker for conversations with strangers. It’s wonderful how such a conversation then unfolds and creates a connection.

Lot De Geyter

Open-minded, solution-oriented, analytical, serene, inquisitive, efficient, creative

Lot De Geyter › Lot De Geyter ›

In 2000, Lot De Geyter set off on a world tour with only her teacher diploma in hand. She hesitantly started as the organizer of family activities in Singapore, but soon became the coordinator of many events in Dubai, Cameroon and Rio de Janeiro. When Lot returned to Belgium in 2014, she decided to make her biggest passion into a reality by obtaining a chef diploma. Since ‘organizing’ had become Lot’s middle name, she immediately felt drawn to a job with Imboorling. Today, she coordinates our backstage with gusto.

My Le Creuset stewing pot was a 30th birthday present. Since then, I’ve lovingly created many a wonderful meal in it. My kids know: it’s a feast when the blue pot is brought to the table. I often compare my thinking-process to that cooking-process. The recipe goes as follows: open up the pantry of my world and select the right ingredients. Get my brain going with a fascinating experience or a fun conversation. Season with a stimulating challenge or a sparkling idea. You’d be amazed at the results!

Ann Allard

Open, critical, empathetic, communicative, inspiring, binding and attentive

Ann Allard › Ann Allard ›

Ann Allard studied economics, marketing and sociology and her greatest wish 'ever' was to be able to work for a large theatre. Her fate decided otherwise. Ann Allard began her career in Tongeren as a communication manager at a household appliances manufacturer and went on to become marketing manager at Siemens, ending up as a brand marketing manager for the BSH group. Ann is passionate about branding and identity, has created a great many branding concepts and is strategically adept at elaborating them. She was intrigued by Frederik and his talents from day one. And after many discussions she decided to fully commit to Imboorling. Today she is the leading force behind the scenes.

I absolutely love pencils and paper. I can wander around the streets of Paris for days looking for that perfect pencil or that particular smell of paper. I also have many notebooks. Some to write down ideas. Ideas that just suddenly appear. Others to collect clippings with insights from people who inspire me. I have another one with a collection of beautiful objects. I actually have quite a number of notebooks. I like to collect, and enjoy surrounding myself with inspiration. And I love to create.