Meer voor jou en je team

More for
you and your team

the first step toward growth is knowledge and awareness

Imboorling supports people in their growth process to better communication. Because that is crucial for good cooperation. That's why we go broader than our in-company approach: one-on-one discussions, open sessions and team activities.

Open session: speaking enthusiastically to a group

During this two-day training you will learn how to increase your impact as a speaker, and discover how to enthral your audience with your story in an enthusiastic manner. You’ll search for your own presentation style. You’ll discover how to use your body, voice and language in a convincing manner.

This training will be carried out in a small group. This enables you to work on your confidence in calm and with support. You will find a dynamic combination of knowledge and interaction.


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One on one conversation

We assist you personally, based on your strengths and talents. We tackle themes like ‘represent your own opinion’, ‘be more confident in front of a group’, ‘how to listen to others with more empathy’, and much more, depending on your situation. We are convinced that communication and interpersonal skills are critical to obtaining satisfaction from your job - and your life.

The one-on-one approach will enable you to take giant steps to what you want to achieve in terms of communication. We don’t give ready-made solutions, but instead deepen your knowledge and teach you how to start looking for answers that work for you. Our conversations take place in a homely, confidential and secure atmosphere.

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Team activity

Do you want to improve the dynamics of your team? Book a team activity at Imboorling. You’ll work together toward a common goal: communication, openness, authenticity, collaboration and leadership. You’ll discover everyone's abilities and skills and learn how to make use of them. This team activity will lead to a stronger sense of unity within your team.

You can expect a dynamic day, full of surprises, fun and insights. We use educational card games, exercises from improvisational theatre and humour. Getting to know each other better, pushing boundaries, thinking outside of the box, being open to the ideas of others and a positive atmosphere are important outcomes.

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