Frederik Imbo

Speaking enthusiastically to a group

Interactive presentation | Two-day workshop

A magic box full of techniques to make your presentation pop.

How often do you feel bored to death during a presentation because the speaker is boring and tedious? Many speakers are not real speakers but postmen depositing a message into your mailbox without any true commitment.

Is speaking to a group difficult for you? Does it stress you out and do you wonder afterwards whether or not your message came across correctly? As a speaker, you want to have an impact. And stand confidently in front of a room. We will teach you the right techniques.

From information to storytelling

Do you want to have an impact? Then you need to get your audience on board. Let them see, hear and feel your position. With anecdotes, interaction and the correct presentation techniques you can touch your audience mentally and emotionally. This will allow your message to stick.

Presenting is communicating

Speaking to a group is pure communication: you make a connection with your audience through your words and tone of voice, body language and a supporting slide-show. You practice how to use your body, voice and language in a convincing manner. And you learn to deal with disruptive and unexpected factors.

Imboorling has cured me of a terrible disease: verbal diarrhoea.



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Interactive presentation
  • 90 or 180 minutes

The interactive presentation is the ideal formula for your conference or networking event. The audience is given eye-openers and practical tips along with a dazzling slide-show and a mesmerizing speaker.

Two-day workshop
  • 2 days from 9.00 to 17.00 and follow-up day(s)

If you really want to make progress, opt for a two-day workshop. You’ll actively practice all techniques (creating contact, eye contact, silences, gestures, presentation with slides etc.) needed to have more impact on your audience as a speaker.

Personal coaching
  • Sessions of 3 hours

Do you want to overcome your fear of presenting or increase your impact as a speaker? Obtain some guidance in a personal session. You work in a highly targeted manner on a number of techniques that require attention, and tackle any potential hurdles.