Frederik Imbo

A different look at communication

Interactive presentation | One-day workshop

No more misunderstandings. Time to listen

“Error”. This is what your computer tells you when you enter an invalid command. While you really just want your computer to behave the way you want. But how do you do it correctly with the most complex computers in the world: your fellow (wo)man?

Misunderstandings are the biggest cause of tension, and are best avoided. How? By communicating more efficiently with everyone in your environment.

A different look at communication

We have two ears and only one mouth. And there's a reason: to listen twice as much as to talk. Because listening opens you to your conversation partner. A good listener is a valuable thing. But you do not always succeed in the role of listener. Even as a speaker it’s best to optimally enter into dialogue with the other. Expressing precisely what you mean and being assertive without appearing aggressive, is a challenge. Because this involves quite a few things: intonation, volume, rhythm, pauses, posture, gestures and eye contact.

Get to know yourself

During ‘Why do we have two ears and only one mouth’ a mirror is held up to you and you go face to face with your own communication style. With surprising and recognisable examples and plenty of practical tips, you’ll lift your communication style to a higher level.

A flashy, creative presentation will refresh your knowledge on the do's and don'ts of communicating with each other. Never before will you have you been confronted with as many eye-openers in such a short time!



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Interactive presentation
  • 90 or 180 minutes

The interactive presentation is the ideal formula for your conference or networking event. The audience is given eye-openers and practical tips along with a dazzling slide-show and a mesmerizing speaker.

One-day workshop
  • 1 day from 9.00 to 17.00

If you really want to make progress, opt for a one-day workshop. The ideal way to work as a team on the basic principles and pitfalls of communication. This occurs in an active and playful manner.

Target group

Everyone who attaches importance to effective and respectful communication is welcome.

By briefly reflecting on yourself during the presentation you’ll take a big step forward and lift your communication to the next level.

Dress code

Open both of your ears and also bring along
your mouth.