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Play to impress

Don’t expect a boring seminar - on the contrary

Dirk Verhellen

The concept of PLAY Academy is clear: through educational seminars on personal skills, we want to help our customers score with their customers. Born performer Frederick Imbo, with his seminar ‘Speaking enthusiastically in front of a group’ fully matched that concept. Our visitorium contained managers, marketing managers and sales managers who have to come across convincingly to a group. Frederik is a craftsman, which is indisputable. But do you know where he mainly made the difference? He manages to express his selection of presentation techniques in a lively and expressive manner. Using subtle moments of silence he builds tension, or he surprises the hall with twists. As with his number 7 at the very beginning. He walks the talk, as you will read in his syllabus. Don’t expect a boring seminar - on the contrary - you and the rest of the audience will be drawn into a dazzling show where each tip is focused on extensively. After the seminar you come out with a sense of: I can give a convincing presentation too! And you’ll especially look forward to applying those skills in your next presentation.